Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join?
Complete this form and submit dues at our General Meeting (GM) by February 20th to Tiffany Leung at

2. Do I need to know “computer stuff” or have a certain skill?
Nope! As long as you have the curiosity to learn, build your social network, and have fun with us, go for it!

3. Do I need to be an MIS/ITM major to join?
ITMA is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

4. What is “Active Status”? Is this required to stay in ITMA?
Benefits of being Active include priority for limited-seating events, custom club T-shirt, lower membership dues for the following semester, and valuable experience and relationships from participating in a variety of events. But, it’s not required, although we highly recommend for members to be active and get the most out of their ITMA experience!

5. How do I earn Active Status?
Four (4) mandatory events + $40 fundraising quota, three (3) general meeting credit, two (2) professional development credit, one (1) social credit, and one (1) community service credit.

6. When and where are General Meetings (GMs)?
Every other Tuesday starting on September 5, 2017 at 4:30pm in Business Administration (BusAd) D201.
Check out our calendar for updates!

7. What are committees? Do I need to join one?
Committees are one of many things to get yourself involved in as an ITMA member to gain leadership experience and build connections among fellow members. Each committee’s activities lead up to events over the semester and are lead by different executive board members. Again, however it’s not required, but highly encouraged to join one!

8. What are Tech Thursdays?
Tech Thursdays is a new series of events ITMA will be implementing this semester. Every other Thursday, guests will be invited to educate about various topics in computing and IT. Some Tech Thursdays will be held as open study sessions as well, which are open to all students for the sole purpose of promoting awareness and exposure to related industry topics and specialties.

9. How are you different from other clubs?
Due to our club being in the smallest business club, we thrive from close connections which promotes a pool of opportunities to broaden our members’ experiences. We focus on nurturing qualitative relationships bonds among peers and networks among professionals.

10. I noticed something not properly linked on the website. Who do I contact?
Please send an e-mail to Miye Kuwata at with the subject “ITMA Website Error.”

11. I tried to post a comment on the website, but nothing happened. Where did it go?
All comments are screened through our administrative view before being approved to post.