Purpose + Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen the social and professional network between members in ITMA, alumni and professionals by focusing on the development of quality relationships.​ The ITMA is motivated and dedicated to provide its members social and professional relationships, provide access to technical resources, and be an example of a growing technical environment to foster career development.

The purposes of the Information Technology Management Association are to:

  • Provide a better understanding of the nature and functions of information systems and related areas
  • Prepare its members for a career in information technology
  • Proliferate interaction between members and the business community
  • Propagate a communication link between its members and faculty
  • Produce lasting-relationships between its members


Fall 2017 Executive Board

Lee Ann Cauilan


Lee Ann Cauilan is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa serving her fifth semester on board for ITMA. She is double majoring in Management Information Systems and Management at the Shidler College of Business. On campus, she’s working as a Help Desk Consultant at the Information Technology Center and, alongside ITMA, is also involved in the Business Executive Society of Tomorrow (BEST). She enjoys volunteering for STEM outreach programs and robotics tournaments.

On her free time, Lee Ann likes drawing, spending time with close friends, and stargazing.

Contact information: lcauilan@hawaii.edu  | president@itmahawaii.com
Career Development Committee

Shane Arquines

Vice President

Shane Arquines is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa serving his third semester on board for ITMA. He is double majoring in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship at the Shidler College of Business. He’s currently working as an Educational Technology Assistant for the Cooperative Extension Service and Military Partnership at UHM and in Waikiki at Currency Exchange International. He’s also actively participating in UHM entrepreneurial and environmental programs.

On his free time, aside from exploring his interest in stocks and real estate, Shane enjoys an active and lax lifestyle consisting of beach time, hiking, and playing his guitar, sometimes all at the same time. His free and adventurous spirit has led him to the highest mountain points of O`ahu, Moloka`i, Maui, and the Big Island.

Contact information: sarquine@hawaii.edu | executive@itmahawaii.com
Career Development Committee

Yaxin Tao


Yaxin Tao is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa serving her second semester on board for ITMA. She is currently triple majoring in Finance, International Business and Management Information Systems at the Shidler College of Business. This will be her third semester working on campus at Auxiliary Services as an Account Receivable Clerk. She has hopes in bringing together all knowledge she learned from each major in order to make an impactful contribution in the future.

On her free time, Yaxin enjoys hanging out with her friends, along with watching movies and TV shows. She also enjoys making new friends and connecting with others in order to get to know more people from various backgrounds and experiences. She’s especially looking forward to this coming Fall 2017 semester to meet new faces and welcome back veterans with hopes that everyone will partake in sharing laughs and creating meaningful memories together.

Contact information: taoyaxin@hawaii.edu | finance@itmahawaii.com
Finance Committee

Joshua Domingo


Joshua Domingo is a fifth year senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa serving his first semester with ITMA. As a Management Information Systems major and Art minor, Josh is frequently working at Shidler, and in the photography and glass studios at the Art Department striving to complete his last semester. Pursuing a path towards the Human Computer Interaction field of IT in order to contribute to the growing body of technology we have today, he’s hoping to make an impact to improve both the technology we have in the present, and in the future, without detracting from the realities of our human lifestyles.

From open water swimming, photography, learning pointless skills, music searching, and much more, Josh is an incredibly mixed bag. He can easily tell you about the many failures he has had in life, but more importantly what he learned from them in hopes of giving others a good laugh and with the many little lessons he may have to offer.

Contact information: joshuapd@hawaii.edu | support@itmahawaii.com
Socials Committee

Miye Kuwata

Director of Marketing

Miye Kuwata is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa double majoring in Management Information Systems and International Business at the Shidler College of Business. This will be her first term serving with ITMA’s Executive Board, but she is excited to work with her team and highlight what it means to be a part of ITMA. On-campus she’s working for multiple jobs as a Grader for ITM 353 (Systems Analysis and Design), Student Interchanger, and a Lab Monitor for Information Technology Services. Meanwhile, off-campus she’s working for Nordic PCL Construction under the sole Systems Administrator for the state of Hawaii. In addition, she is currently serving as a chartered Vice President of Public Relations for the Nordic PCL Toastmasters club.

On her free time, Miye enjoys playing rhythm video games, creating special occasion cards, and finding new places to eat with friends and family.

She finds herself yearning to travel to new places, learn new things, and try new experiences, but as her end goal, she’s intending to stay and work in Hawaii and eventually settle down in her hometown.

Contact information: mkuwata@hawaii.edu | marketing@itmahawaii.com
Marketing Committee

Wade Yoshida

Director of Professional Relations

Wade Yoshida is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Management Information Systems at the Shidler College of Business and is serving his second semester with ITMA. He has recently returned from studying abroad in Sweden the previous semester of Spring 2017 with the intent to graduate this Fall semester. He has experience working as a Technical Media Specialist for the Center on Disabilities Studies where he was responsible for a wide variety of tasks such as web content updates, hardware troubleshooting, document accessibility, and video producing for various projects. Currently he’s still seeking to expand his technological experience into other fields such as IT consulting and security.

On his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, chess, taking pictures and board games like Settlers of Catan. He’s been fortunate enough to travel to over 12 different countries and although loves a new eperience, still finds poke to be his food of choice.

Contact information: wty@hawaii.edu | professional@itmahawaii.com
Career Development Committee

Van Nguyen

Director of Student Relations

Van is currently a junior majoring in Management Information Systems and is serving her first semester on board ITMA. She has experience in programming and database management through the computer science program at West Valley Community College. As a scouting leader for Crew 222 and head volleyball coach for Titan Athletics, LLC back in San Jose, she reinforces her planning, organization, and problem solving techniques for groups of all sizes.

She is still heavily involved in volleyball as she enjoys competing in tournaments. Her other hobbies include all things related to nature and live music.

Van is planning to graduate and eventually move back to the Silicon Valley where she will be immersed in the ever evolving tech world.

Contact information: vantn27@hawaii.edu | activities@itmahawaii.com
Socials Committee

Gerric Culanay

Inter-Business Council Senator

Gerric Culanay is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Management Information Systems at the Shidler College of Business. This will be his first term working for ITMA’s Executive Board, but he is inspired to serve his club and work together with his peers. On-campus he’s working two on-campus jobs as an administrative assistant and a computer specialist. Meanwhile, off-campus he’s working as a technician at a computer repair company.

On his free time, Gerric frequents browsing Reddit, YouTube, and plays video games. Every year he plans to travel to various places and he likes experiencing new things. And, over the summer he ventured to California for the first time, and camped for a few days.

His end goal is to eventually move away from Hawaii and live elsewhere.

Contact information: culanay@hawaii.edu | ibcsenator@itmahawaii.com
Marketing Committee


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