Together we practice innovation and teamwork
Together we create memories and achievements
Together we are ITMA




Coming Soon

  • McDonald’s fundraising in progress
  • Jamba Juice fundraising in progress
  • 11/28 – FINAL GM #7 ELECTIONS @ D201 4:30p-5:00p
  • 11/28 – NOM Night@ 5:30p-6:30p
  • 12/02 – Karaoke Night TBD
  • 12/03 – Joint Social: “The Hunger Games” @ 2:00p-7:00p
  • 12/09 – Aloha Banquet

Website Updates

Professional Interaction Night and Super Clubs Day photos have been uploaded!

Mahalo to everyone for their continued support!

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We, at ITMA, are a longstanding club running with over forty years of experience based around interests related to management information systems. We’re constantly working to build professional development through company tours, mock interviews, and various workshops to better prepare our members for their futures. In addition, we’re striving to encourage networking to create lasting memories and bonds as we support one another.

We are aiming to be more than just a club–together we are a team.